Spaghetti North-Eastern

By | May 27, 2017

I haven’t finished the remaining red rooms yet, because I decided to take a different route.

This should be a familiar screen to anyone who’s dealt with Twine already – it’s a story in progress with arrows pointing out the links between passages. Most of it works so far; the passages themselves are only filled with placeholder text, but all the links and the game structure are functional, including providing otherwise hidden options assuming you’ve met previous story conditions, which was always going to be the hard part. There are even already a number of interesting and pointless ways to die.

I’m on holiday for the next week and I’ve got a pretty functional Twine dev environment on my old Nexus 7 tablet, the odd crash notwithstanding. I’m hoping to at least have the full structure done before it’s time to come home, and maybe some actual prose. Prose more functional than “You shouldn’t have done that and now you’re dead.”

This is a remarkably good feeling.

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